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We're looking for team managers and photographers!


Each season, our teams have a ton of things to keep organized, like schedules, uniforms, equipment, etc.  If you have good organizational skills, please consider volunteering as a team manager.  You'll help distribute communications to your team, manage the schedule and arrange for volunteers from your team for our Fireball Tournament and various other volunteer opportunities.  We only need one team manager per team, please contact your head coach at the Parent Meeting in March if you're interested.  THIS WILL COUNT AS YOUR PORTION OF THE NON-FIREBALL VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT FOR THE ORGANIZATION!  Thank you so much for volunteering your time for the good of our organization!


We also need parents who are willing to take (and share) photos from your team's season, both regular games and tournaments.  We'd like to begin adding these to our website.  Please feel free to send these photos to: burnsvillefastpitch@gmail.com if you have any, and we always need more from the upcoming seasons!


Volunteer Requirements for 2017

All families are required to provide 8 hours of volunteer service to the organization each season.  4 of these hours MUST be at the Burnsville Fireball Tournament, held annually in May.  The other 4 hours may be used at a function of your choosing.  Each family is required to work a total of 8 hours, regardless of the number of children in the program.  Opportunities will be posted below, along with sign-up information.  These hours will be tracked by our Volunteer Coordinator.  During registration, a check will be collected in the amount of $100, made out to Burnsville Fastpitch.  At the end of the calendar, if your families' volunteer requirement is not met, the check will be cashed by the organization.  The following information is also available on our Coach's Corner page:

Head Coaches and Co-Head Coaches are exempt - they do not need to fulfill their families volunteer requirements.

Assistant Coaches -  Each family will need to provide 4 hours of volunteer service during the Fireball Tournament in May.  

Team Managers - Must fulfill 4 hours of volunteer service during the Fireball Tournament in May