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Equipment Requirements for 2017

The following equipment items are required by the Girls' Traveling Fastpitch Board:

  • Bat - see this guide for proper sizing
  • Fielders Glove
  • Batting Helmet with face mask and chin strap
  • Cleats - plastic or rubber for 8U-12U, metal spikes allowed for 14U+
  • Pitchers – face mask
  • In-fielders – face mask
  • Solid Black baseball pants
  • 11 inch ball for 10U and 8U, 12 inch ball for 12U+

These equipment items are optional:

  • Catchers - catchers helmet, catchers glove, chest protector, and shin pads (These items provided by Burnsville Traveling Softball)


Volunteer Requirements for 2017

All families are required to provide 8 hours of volunteer service to the organization each season.  4 of these hours MUST be at the Burnsville Fireball Tournament, held annually in May.  The other 4 hours may be used at a function of your choosing.  Each family is required to work a total of 8 hours, regardless of the number of children in the program.  Opportunities will be posted below, along with sign-up information.  These hours will be tracked by our Volunteer Coordinator.  During registration, a check will be collected in the amount of $100, made out to Burnsville Fastpitch.  At the end of the calendar year, if your families' volunteer requirement is not met, the check will be cashed by the organization.  The following information is also available on our Coach's Corner page:

Head Coaches and Co-Head Coaches are exempt - they do not need to fulfill their families volunteer requirements.

Assistant Coaches -  Each family will need to provide 4 hours of volunteer service during the Fireball Tournament in May.  

Team Managers - Must fulfill 4 hours of volunteer service during the Fireball Tournament in May


USSSA New Fastpitch Softball Bat Rules

Effective January 1, 2014, new softball bat standards have gone into effect.  Every bat must display the "1.20 BPF" stamp  (at right) for it to be legal for use.  This requirement was announced two years ago in order to give everyone ample time to conform to the new standard.

This standard was enacted as there have been a number of altered bats that have found their way into the youth fastpitch environment.  When a bat displays this new stamp it means that the bat has been manufactured in such a way that if it ever becomes altered, in order to increase performance beyond the 1.20 BPF limit, then it will show very dramatic visible damage (eg, cracking) to prove that it's been tampered with. In short, a bat with the new stamp is either unalterable or, if altered, it becomes unusable.

For more information on the new bat standard see the USSSA Rule Book, “Bat Rule 3-2012” and “New USSSA Softball Bat Marks”.